Orongan Beach Resort – Family Wagner: A Beautiful White Sand Beach Resort In Northern Cebu

My friends and I arrived in San Remegio around 2:30pm. And so, we went to the convenience store to buy some chips and drinks for our overnight stay. After that, we headed to Orongan Beach Resort family-Wagner. As we arrived, we immediately felt the beach vibes, and how serene the place was. In reality, it is already our second visit and still, Orongan Beach has never failed to amaze us.Genuinely , this beach has shown its real beauty, by letting us view how the firmament above has reflected on the turquoise water. Indeed, it was a mark of good weather. And having a good weather that time, it makes us joyful and excited about what the Orongan Beach Resort has to proffer. As expected, each one of us were charged up. But, precisely before we started our beautiful stay at the Orongan Beach Resort, we first met the owner, and welcomed us with an open arm. In fact, she let us stay in one of their accomodation rooms, which have not only made us excited, but grateful as well.The town of San Remigio, Cebu has long been fanning its name for having a long stretch of powdery white sand beach in Cebu. And because of its natural beauty, It is now a well-known beach Resort destination in the Northern part of Cebu. A great place for a quick getaway with family and friends. You can spend a lot of activities at the Orongan Beach Resort, such as walking on the shoreline, and swimming in the turquoise water. During the afternoon when the sun goes down, you’ll get to experience the beautiful view of the sunset. And during the night, you can enjoy the stunning view of the beautiful stars above while listening to the comforting sound of a frail waves kissing the coast.One thing that I truly love about this Resort is the scenic sight of the warm colours of the setting sun. Maybe because, collecting sunsets are one of my favourites, because for me, it’s an amazing way to boost my own dose of happiness. And, every time I see a beautiful sunset, it gives me peace and equanimity.Thank you Orongan Beach Resort – Family wagner for the warm welcome, free accommodation and most especially for the luscious food that you guys have prepared for all of us.HOW TO GET HERE :From the North Bus Terminal, ride a Bus bound for San Remigio, Cebu. The travel time is approximately 3-4hours and fare is around PHP 155 -175, it depends on which kind of bus you will ride (Aircon and Non-airconditioned). Tell the Bus Conductor to drop you off at the San Remigio Public Market where you can buy your food. And from the Public Market, ride a tricycle going to Orongan Beach Resort. The fare is around Php 30.00 – Php 40.00 each, and minimum of 5 – 6 person in one tricyle ( So, If you’re going to travel with family and friends, this would be great)Open Cottages – 350
Table – 150
Chair – 20
Party tent – 500,400,350
Beach front Cottage with electricity – 400
Room – good for 10 – 2000
Extra person/bed – 100
Bongalo Cottage 1 – 2500
Bongalo Cottage 2 – 3500
Bongalo Cottage 3 – 5000TRAVEL TIPS :If you’re planning to stay overnight, you can bring your own camping tent and just camp on the beach. They collect PHP 100 per camping tent for tent space ( PHP 100 if your tent is good for 2-3 person. The price will increase if you’re going to bring a bigger tent). The entrance fee is Php 100.00 for every person (overnight). Day use ( Php 50.00)REMINDER :Please remember to practice Leave No Trace( LNT). Just enjoy and be responsible enough.

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